A brief description...

...why I want to talk with Jewish people about the question what Jewish prophecy means in our present.

My name is Tomaso Carnetto, I am an author and painter and together with Seyyal Carnetto I lead the Academy of Visual Arts in Frankfurt.

I am working on an art project called The Vitruvian Machine which provides me coordinates taken from the movement of the human body. The project aims at the narrative of being together without any pre-defined meaning, following only the human dimension which includes the physical measures as well as the sensual, emotional and rational.

The project is involuntarily related to ethics and politics which are the inseparably interwoven conditions of our reality. The origin of ethics is found in Jewish prophecy, beginning with the book of Amos.
This origin is the basis in all ethics within all the monotheistic religions and cultures (secularized or not). The question is: Are we willing and able to adhere to it or are we ready to declare ethics as a dispensable value?

This is the primary topic I want to talk about with Jewish people all over the world: The reality of Jewish prophecy in our present world: – How to deal with the dimension of ethics in our daily life? – How is it possible (is it possible at all) to adhere to the ethics, under circumstances of insecurity, sometimes circumstances which threat to life?