Tomaso Carnetto

2019-10-03 / only a vague memory,

barely perceptible feeling for the degree of tenderness,

which, due to the external organic body,

the body-to-body contact took place, the violence being of equal


that there were only a few strokes, cuts,

Other cruelties were needed,

and the organless body disintegrated

(unorganized because the physical and organic constituted

an indistinguishable fact,

that I might as well tell you):

was a disembodied organic, an unprotected and certainly unlimited organization

the most sensitive to an indeterminate one space that,

in turn,

formed an ever-moving together with the spaces between the organ organizations

that we called the body from the extraterrestrial to the human evolution.

Even though we have no more feeling

for the degree of tenderness,

the fear is deeply engraved in us. I tell you, first and foremost is an organic condition! I scratch my feet in the foliage.

To Get Confused – Hug Me
(a modern Lustspiel)


A horse with a golden tail was running by.


I stepped into a tiny hole which I had not seen


an indistinguishable fact