We are the Machine


A short declaration

about what the Giant Writing-Machineand the Vitruvian Machine are used for:

First of all the machines (the Giant Writing-Machine as well as the Vitruvian Machine) are in-between-machines, constructions to produce transformations and Interpositions (like every machine): Between me and me, between you and me, between you and you.
You are / I am the world, you are / I am the breathing of God. I am the centre of the Universe. God is the Universe. The machine will connect each Universe with itself, and one Universe with the other.
This is in its origin jewish prophecy and mysticism and with it Jewish ethics. Jewish ethics are the Rhizome that keeps the humaneness of the monotheistic religions alive.

In all further explanations of what the machine is and how the machine will work, this should be kept in mind: the in-between relation of the mechanical linkage.

The in-between relation of the mechanical linkage we call a text. A text is something that has been separated into its smallest parts and put together again. The Something can be rocks, trees, mineral oil, iron ore, plutonium, sand, chemical elements (and so on), or the Something of our immediate experiences.

The text should be used to read the world and with it to create the world as a space of relations between vivid beings.

The machine produces a text without any pre definition of what the text has to say.
The text is written down in the simplest way, by connecting one point to another point using straight and sharp lines, like we connect the stars by watching and saying: "Look at this figure in the Heaven above us! It must be Orion!"

So you can say, everything is a text that has to be read without any pre-definition but in an immediate relation to those who read.

We are writing the text which we are in order to be read again and again. To do so – without any pre-definition – we need the machine.

In this sense the Giant Writing-Machine / the Virtuvian Machine is:
a grammar-machine
a breath-machine
a body-machine
a sex-machine
a salvation-machine
a loss-machine
a Kabbalah-machine
a Reformation-machine
a philosophy-machine
a passion-machine
a presence-machine
a lust-machine
a text-machine
an art-machine


How the machine will work on stage (version I)

1st act
We are two people and there are two machines in-between. Everyone is himself and involuntarly also the other one. So we are four (al least), the double both of us and additional two technicians.
One of the four (no matter who) is reading Inter-Positions between the Tanakh (Book of Amos), Thomas Bernhard (Frost), Samuel Beckett (Waiting for Godot) and the Kränzler/Carnetto Manifesto.

„It is a game, everything is a game. When all four of them are lying on the ground, that cannot be handled naturalistically. That has got to be done artificially, balletically. Otherwise everything becomes an imitation, an imitation of reality.
It should become clear and transparent, not dry. It is a game in order to survive.“ (Samuel Beckett)

The other one tries to type the text into the Giant Writing-Machine. The machine is much to huge to write in appropriate time. Just fragments can be taken up. The fragments will be projected on the backdrop of the stage.

This may take 45 minutes. During the time of reading and the attempt to type what is read, the audience is shown a march through the desert, thousand of people escapeing and pictures of parades (Carnival Parade, Victory Parade, Gay Parade, Love Parade etc) cut into the marching and over the marching and the excerpts of parades the splintered Inter-Positions of the texts are projected.

2nd act
Now the other person is lying outstretched and exactly in the middle of the panel of the Vitruvian Machine, the arms held at against the body. The person starts to move by instructions given by the first person.

The instructions are taken from the direction of the vowels (up, down, left, right): "Stretch your body in my direction!". The vowels are what is now left from the splintered texts.
The instructions will be given from the respective side of the panel. So the first person is walking around the panel while the second person, who lies on the panel, is constantly moving according to the instructions given by the first person.

As soon as there are no vowels left, both people will move together on the panel. They hug each other, they push each other away, they touche their faces, fight a little bit, kiss each other and so on - all together a balletic improvisation. During the improvisation the two are involuntarily moving.

With all the movements (those with and those without vowels) sensors will be activated which receive an impulse and pass it directly to the transformation into signs.
The signs will be projected on the backdrop as moving points and lines, finally placed on fixed coordinates within a matrix.
Every sign will be transformed into the respective vowel or consonant, which can be listened to as an immediate composition of sung breathings.

The whole show will last approximately two hours.

The results of typing the texts of Inter-Positions into the Giant Writing-Machine and of the movements on the panel of the Vitruvian Machine will be used by Kränzler/Carnetto as a groundwork for their further elaborations in their drawings, paintings and writings.

As long as we do not have the machines the performance will start with lectures about, what the machines will be used for and why, followed by the reading of the Inter-Positions of the texts.

Every performance – whether with the machines or without – is also an explicit declaration about how necessary the restoration, preservation and vivid use of the synagogues are for the cultural and human identity of all countries all over the world.

Whether we are Christians (like the both of us) or Muslims, our cultural and ethical heritage is rooted in Jewry. Either we will become aware of this or we will slip back once again into a horrible inhumanity.