Work 2016, No.2 »The Goat Path, Chapter One«

»Have a closer look at these young men walking legs apart with their explosive belts around their hips, just waiting for an opportunity to tear you apart, to get – as a reward for the heroic deed – 72 virgins in heaven and you will see, also terrorism is nothing but a sublimation of sexual desire (walking the Goat's Path until it ends...), for sure in this way one of the deadliest.«, said the Sandman.
I do not know if you remember, who the Sandman was. I am not the Sandman. Maybe I am the draftsman. No, I am not! Not at all. Wait a moment, I have to think about it…

Much more than a draftsman, painter or writer I am  a research worker (therefore also a teacher who holds lessons and lectures about tiny little things called "formative elements“). The objects of my research are the words. But „research" is not the right term. Maybe I have to say, someone who is following traces (or a path); of the movements from point to point, with which the words arise. It is more a fixing of this movements than a work of research. 
As we know, research has the goal to collect knowledge and to use this knowledge to optimize the human conditions of tomorrow but the things I am doing are useless in this sense. I have no goal except to preserve the present movements. I call this work of preservation "existential notation". The primary tool of my work is to draw. I do this to preserve the movements of the moment which are identical with the movements of drawing.

Tomaso Carnetto