by drawing


How to use ones own movement

Joining the courses is about learning how to be self-determined by use ones own movement in relation to the movements of someone (or something) else to manifest this process as a basic structure for any kind of art. This may lead to abstract shapes or to narrative constellations, to an installation, a textile elaboration, a furniture or the combination of all of those – but in any case it’s a part of what is called Relational Art or – to name it more precisely – of a Notation. A Notation refers per definition always to a common space in which the Notation tells us how to act.

In other word; it’s about how to find an appropriate way to manifest the interwoven movements (caused By impulses) by drawing.

In the process of manifestation every used material has its own laws of movement. To have an immediate knowledge (i.e. a knowledge that combines sense and intellect) about the inseparable relation between the laws of the materials movement and ones own, this is what makes one an artist.


Creating a manifestation of impulses

The most important question for making art or design (or being an artist or designer) is how to move oneself to move the material in a way to create a manifestation of impulses (which will be sensed as movements creating a topology). For this, ones need the freedom being completely concentrated on the „how to“. This freedom is inseparably bounded on self-determination.
We are talking about self-determination in the sense of the grammatical orders of our movements. For this, all questions about the psychological construction of self-determination are secondary or – at last – not important at all.

In this meaning is to understood when the artist Buys says: „Every man in an artist!“
Regarding to this postulate Beuys was asked: "If every man is an artist, then why have art academies and art professors at all?" He answered: "Every man is an artist in a general sense: one must be an artist to create self-determination!“


Demand for self-determination

The demand for self-determination makes it pretty clear why we need academies, art lectures and courses like this; they give a frame, within it is possible to be fully concentrated on how to move oneself in relation to the material. By being actually concentrated, self-determination will involuntarily arise because for everyone, as far ones is able to reach the therefore necessary freedom, because self-determination is an elementary condition of our being.

So self-determination is not about that ones has something to say but to be aware of the fact that everything that can be said emerges from the movement from one person to another.

„I have nothing to say and I am saying it and that is poetry as I need it.“ John Cage, Lecture on Nothing

Joining this course is both; learn how to move oneself to create material manifestation of the process of moving; this is drawing! and – by moving in relation to someone else – to make a series of art pieces, and by this becoming a part of Relational Art.