Tomaso Carnetto

To Get Confused – Hug Me
(a modern Lustspiel)


Do you know what a Children Backpack is? No, not a backpack for children but a backpack in which you can carry your child on your back.
The man (to say it frankly and clearly right from the beginning: I am the man who had no idea  how he got that child, always screaming, fidgeting, beating with her little fists against his chest); this man carries his little daughter on his back. She is sitting in a backpack and the world is looking pretty nice from above.

A horse with a golden tail was running by.


„Look at the polished hurry-scurry fluttering through the air!“, my daughter cried. Her childish voice sounded tinny in my left ear.
In fact, it wasn’t a horse but a goat, walking very slowly up the alpine meadow and was ringing the little bell, hanging on a thin rope which was bound around the goat’s neck.
Sure, if one pinches his eyes together and thinks at the same time of the lovely nose tip of the women he is in love with, it is possible to confuse a goat with a horse. But for a child – thanks God – everything in interchangeable.

I stepped into a tiny hole which I had not seen


Then, with my right foot I stepped into a tiny hole which I had not seen, fell straight down to earth and my daughter was thrown out of the children’s backpack, flew in a wide arc through the air accompanied by her long scream of joy which I still have in my ears.
She landed very softly at a heap of goat shit.

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