Tomaso Carnetto

Everyone knows
how blood smells


Everyone knows how blood smells. The smell has no colour and certainly not red. Although the blood comes from inside, it smells like a substance from very far away, like something awfully strange. We are just defining a colour to calm ourselves: blood is red! But it is not! It is a substance without relations. To get a colour, a thing must step into a relation. The colour and the blood are separated, without any possibility ever to get connected.

I was twelve years old when I smelled my blood for the first time and have been aware of what was plaguing my perception.


I tried
to cut a slice
of bread


Recently I tried to cut a slice of bread. The bread was very old and because of this very dry and hard. With one hand I held the piece of bread and with the other hand I started to cut but it slipped off and the sharp blade cut deep into my thumb.

As soon as the blood flowed out of the wound I became afraid of losing my consciousness.
„If there is too much smell of blood I'll faint. It’s not because of the blood itself, it’s because I am getting aware of the relation between the perceptive construction which I call myself and the reality of my inner organs.


we went
out and had


Yesterday we went out and had a dinner with two colleagues. One of the colleagues told us, while he pinned his fork into the risotto, that soon it would be possible to print human organs with a 3D-Printer. I thought, what he said was some kind of strange prophecy but he insisted that it is so; a world in which the inner reality is turned to the outside and taken from the outside back into the inside, so there is no distinction possible anymore and blood is nothing more than a coloured liquid.

On our way back home, I thought: „If the inner reality isn't working as a measure for the outer one, what else could this reality be good for?“


Blood is the invisible membrane between the internal and external structure.


Seeing the blood means that the membrane got a split. What you actually see is not the blood itself but the coloured out-flow of the in-between-space, the space between the inner and the outer. The membrane separates the space of the internal and the external reality and is defining by this the in-between-space. The membrane and the in-between-space are identical.


On our way
back home,
i thought
about the slaughtered


On our way back home, I thought about the slaughtered calf, hanging with his hind legs on a hook. They had cut open the body and the internal organs fell out. Then they cut off the head. Later she found the cut off head in the bathroom in a bucket.

She said, she will alway smell the blood.
She said that she had fallen in love with the calf and gave her the name Blond Girl because of the colour of the hair.
She said: „Blond Girl and I stayed together for three days.“
She said that the calf had trusted her.