Tomaso Carnetto

is Evidence



»Drawing is Evidence«
is a course in experimental designing by Tomaso Carnetto

»Drawing is Evidence« of imparting of what we are, our thoughts, what we see, what we experience, of our time and space.

Together we will learn how to use tools and methods of drawing in order to realize our working in art and design according to our immediate and acquired experiences.

In a process of shared drawing we will work practically with different drawing-technics in order to identify and manifest the impulses from which everything is made, and to learn to use the different methods of our self-organizing perception.

Drawing is
Evidence of Bodily Impulses


Small Groups

The offer is only available for a small group of participants (min. 6, max. 12 participant's). The courses are highly indented on personal development and experience.

The groups are individually cast each time to allow for a productive mix of participants at the respective place. In addition, the dates are not pre-set rather we work with what time works best for the individual and the group.

Drawing is
of Shared


Intensive Time Frame

Divided into 3 courses, each course lasts 3 days, each day 6 hours (total 18 hours per courses). This is equivalent to a seminar within one semester for art or design / total 54 hours.

Each course can be booked separately!

Of course, there is an advantage booking course II or III once you have participated in the previous course, however while they form a cohesive program they also stand alone.

Each course is designed for minimum six / maximum twelve participants.

Drawing is
Evidence of
Poetical Riot


The courses

Drawing in a Personal Way

The courses are both; learning how to draw in very personal way and – after experience, learning, participating in the condition of drawing and going forward to any kind of designing – becoming a subjective part of a local event we call art. The result of the courses will be an artwork of up to 12 pieces (it may be a series of corresponded drawings, collages, prints or also objects) which every participant will take away.

The aim of each course is to comprehend the wide range between naturalistic drawing and tangible drawing (which is to understand as a manifestation of experiences through finding the appropriate formal signs) in its common reference.
The „common reference“ is given by the human body itself its movements and by its metric dimensions and measures derived from space and time and the grammatical rules of transmission (from the subject, i.e. the body, to the object, i.e. to the world).

Comprehend by Drawing

Each course imparts aesthetically practical and intellectual knowledge about drawing. Drawing is principally the ability to comprehend the complexity of our perception (in its tangible as well as in its naturalistic dimension). Drawing is an infinite potential of an autonomously designable reality; „by becoming a subjective part of the consequences of a local event“ – as Alain Badiou says.

Each participant will practically experience that all the knowledge about the discussed topics and its practical consequences can only be achieved by setting notations (i.e. setting signs in a readable constellation by writing or drawing). So we will learn together that the way to comprehend something by drawing, involuntarily contains the notation of that which physically will be. Notation defined as the sense in which the forces by which one sets the notations and involuntarily implements (through the act of setting notations by drawing).