4th Lecture 2016 »An own Perspective«

You need a perspective if you want to attain something what is making sense to you. But we cannot grasp any sense anymore because all our constructions of sense are linked with the horizon which had promised us a better future. A horizon which still remains an unreachable horizon.
This is now irrefutable, so we cannot trust the horizon of tomorrow anymore. The horizon disappears and it seem to us: Without constructible perspective we will lose ourselves in the uncertain space of our daily being. If the horizon and the perspectives get lost we have to find another way, to stay in relation with the following.

"I am the absolute source, my existence does not stem from my antecedents, from my physical and social environment…“, Maurice Merleau-Ponty

I try to find the simplest way to hold what is in relation to my perception. In my self-awareness, I am what my perception allows me to be. Without my ability to hold on to what my perception lets me know about how I am integrated into the structural constellation of all identifiable relations, I am nothing. The simplest way to hold what I recognize is to follow the movements of my body; my breathing, the unconscious actions of all my limbs, the blinking of my eyes, my sleeping, my digestion and so on.

With all these movements, we are inseparably connected with the surrounding structure, but at the same time, only because of the ability of perception of our movements, we are able to identify ourselves as a being which is separated from this structure. The original form of perception is repetition; the repeating of a daily action, for example: always walking the same path to the place to get water. Perception, which is based on repetition, we also find at the animals.
From this kind of repetitions which was not only necessary to survive, but to create a social activity which we call Culture, the magical rituals of the early humans emerged. Here we find the origin of drawing (signs on body and tools), choreography (the ritual dances), painting, fashion (painted and adorned bodies) and music (rhythm in correlation to movement of the bodies).

The simplest way to keep fixed my structural relation to the surrounding beings is to detain the movement of my body with some material on a material base. To do so, I use lead pencil, charcoal and oil pastels and as subsurface paper, canvas and other fabrics. The meaning of my drawing will only be given by the arbitrariness of the execution. Any predestination of mine will make it impossible to recognize the drawing as a vivid expression.

I can and I must define the rules (i.e. the grammatical basis) of my work always anew, but within these rules my brain and body just have to fulfill an elementary intentionality. I cannot define any sense unless I take it involuntarily from my individual history.